Sunday, 15 February 2015

How to crochet elegant mesh blouse free pattern tutorial for beginners by marifu6a

Try this crochet mesh blouse pattern. These patterns I am featuring are not only easy to follow, but will help you to create modern, wearable crocheted blouse.

Crochet pattern “elegant mesh blouse” by marifu6a

Skill Level: Easy.
Size: S-M; L-XL; XXL-XXXL.
Bust:90-100cm(35-39 inch)
Yarn: cotton 282m-50gr.(3ply)
S-M(100gr); L-XL(200gr) ; XXL-XXXL(300gr)
Hook : 1.75mm

If you know to crochet, make it! You will enjoy! :)

You are not allowed to sell, copy, distribute or share my patterns (or the pictures within it) in any form.

This blouse (ready to ship)  you can buy in my shop(artfire).

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