Sunday, 8 May 2016

How to crochet maxi skirt

Crochet pattern “maxi skirt” by marifu6a
Skill Level: Intermediate
Material: cotton perle 5 (50gr-210mt) or 4 Ply (100gr-400mt)
Hook nr. 1.75 mm
Size: All sizes and any length.
 You are not allowed to sell, copy, distribute or share my patterns (or the pictures within it) in any form.

Video tutorial 

Make ch how your hips(use chart) , I made size M (hips 37inch(93.98cm)).

Join with sl st

3ch,dc in each loop around, sl st

Ch3, dc in each loop around, sl st
Finish 6 rows.

If you want longer skirt use this charts:

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