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Saturday, 30 January 2016

How to crochet red jacket by marifu6a

Crochet pattern “red jacket” by marifu6a
Skill Level: Easy.
Size: S-M; L-XL; XXL-XXXL.
Material: 100gr-350mt(4ply) yarn 150gr;250gr;350gr
 and hook 3mm

This is easy to follow TUTORIAL CROCHET PATTERN with written instructions in English (US terms) completed with detailed pictures and diagrams.
The 'list of used stitches' is translated in Dutch, UK English, and Italian, French and German crochet terms. American crochet terms, with tutorial pictures showing the stitches row by row made it so much easier to work with the pattern even for the beginner.
If you know to crochet, make it! You will enjoy! :)
You are not allowed to sell, copy, distribute or share my patterns (or the pictures within it) in any form.

Ch 6 in ring

Row 1: 6Ch,*dc in ring,3ch*repeat 6 times(8dc)

Row 2: in arc*sc,hdc,3dc,hdc,sc* in each arc around

Row 3: sl st to dc, 6ch,,*9ch,6ch,, 6ch,, 6ch,,6ch,* repeat around….3ch,dc in first

Row 4: ch6,, *4ch,[3dc,5ch,3dc], 4ch,,6ch,,6ch,* repeat around …..3ch,dc in dc last row.

Row 5: *6ch,, 6ch,,4 ch,[3dc,5ch,3dc]4ch,,6ch,* repeat around………3ch,dc.

Row 6: *6ch,, 6ch,,6ch,sl.st4 ch,[3dc,5ch,3dc]4ch,,6ch,* repeat around………3ch,dc.

For size L-XL repeat row 6 -3 more times
For size XXL-XXXL repeat row 6- 5 times.
Row 7 last: how row 6.

Join motifs when go last row: 3dc,3ch,sl st in other motifs 5ch chain,3ch,3dc,3ch,sl st,3ch, ……3dc,3ch,,3ch,3dc(see video)

5ch in ring

Row 1 : 6Ch,*dc in ring,3ch*repeat (5dc)

Row 2: in arc*sc,hdc,3dc,hdc,sc* in each arc

Row 3: 8ch,, 6ch,,6ch,, 6ch,, 9ch,,6ch,sl.st6ch,, 6ch,, 4ch,double tr.

Row 4: ch8,3dc in arc ,4ch,, 6ch,,6ch,, [3dc,5ch,3dc], 4ch,,6ch,,6ch,, 4ch,3dc, 3ch, double tr. 

Row 5: ch8,3dc in arc ,4ch,, 6ch,, 6ch,,6ch, [3dc,5ch,3dc], 4ch,,6ch,,6ch,,6ch,,,4ch,3dc, 3ch, double tr.

Row 6: ch8,3dc in arc ,4ch,, 6ch,, 6ch,,6ch,,6ch,, [3dc,5ch,3dc], 4ch,,6ch,,6ch,,6ch,, 6ch,,4ch,3dc, 3ch, double tr.

Edging: dc,2ch,dc,2ch…..repeat around jacket and sleeves.

7ch,* in next arc,sc in dc, in next arc, 7dc in next arc* repeat around

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